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Client Reviews (Testimonials)

Below are just a few reviews by some of Kevin's clients (Read more on


"From my first interaction, I could tell how experienced and well-versed Kevin is. Not only did he do a magnificent job representing me in court, he also took the time to meet with me on several occasions keeping me updated on my case and getting to know me as a person. There was not a doubt in my mind I was going to, and did, receive the best possible outcome in court. Hands down, Mr. McDevitt is worth every cent, being the perfect blend of professional and personal. Not only do I recommend him to anybody in search of representation, I will be sure to go back to him myself if need be."


"I contacted Kevin immediately following my arrest for DUI/DWI and am extremely glad I did. I was in a situation where an alcohol related conviction could have severely damaged my job on base and security clearance status. He was honest with me from the start about potential outcomes and understood that I was willing to accept a significant amount of risk to protect my career. Kevin convinced the prosecutor to drop the DUI and DWI charges in a deal where I would accept reckless driving. With the alcohol related charges dismissed, I gladly accepted and received probation before judgement."


"I hired Kevin after receiving a substantial speeding ticket in St. Mary's county, and was immediately impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He advised me to immediately take a driver's safety course, which then put me in an excellent position for him to advocate on my behalf. Working with state's attorney, Kevin was able to negotiate a settlement resulting in no points and no citation; and all for a very reasonable, flat-fee (no billable hours, and he was always available to meet and/or talk). I could not have been happier with the outcome, and Kevin deserves all the credit."

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